2009/10 Awards

photo of magnus thyvoldThe 2009/2010 Community Radio Awards ceremony was held at the 2010 National Campus and Community Radio Conference on Gabriola Island, British Columbia. The conference, including the awards ceremony was hosted and organized by CKGI-FM – Gabriola Community Radio.

Thanks to all our jurors for offering their time and their ears. They had to make tough decisions and everyone mentioned the quality of all the work submitted.

The award trophies were collected on a beach at Degnen Bay on Gabriola Island, and were a good way to honour the sea and sky from NCRC 2010, known as "Camp Radio".

Photo: Magnus Thyvold, Legend Award Recipient, after presented with his solid-as-a-rock rock


Community Development AwardCHUO-FM Ottawa, ON – Produced by Doug Ralph – "Do you hear what I hear?" (read letter)
Honourable Mentions: 
• CFRC-FM Kingston, ON – "Into the Magic Soundbox" (read letter)
• CKUW-FM Winnipeg, MB – "Youth Radio Camp" (read letter)
• CKHA-FM Haliburton, ON (read letter)

Lifetime Achievement/Community Radio LegendMagnus Thyvold from CJSF-FM Burnaby, BC (read letters #2 #3 #4)

Local Talent DevelopmentCJSF-FM Burnaby, BC – Produced by Ryan Fletcher Melodies in Mind (read letter)

Volunteer of the Year: Erin Montgomery from CHES-FM Erin, ON (read letter)


Aboriginal Affairs and Culture Programming:
CKMO-FM Victoria, BC – Produced by Earle Thompson, Brad Edwards (read bio) – "Healing Perspectives" (listen)

Honourable MentionCFRO-FM Vancouver, BC – Produced by Gunargie O’Sullivan (read bio) – "Sne Wayulh" (listen)

Creative Production
CKUT-FM Montreal, QC – Produced by Chris Zanti (read bio) – "Murder on the edge of nowhere: a three-act radio play" (listen)

Honourable Mentions: 
• Radio Laurier, Waterloo, ON – Produced by Greg McKenzie – "Smoking by the School" (listen)
• CFRC-FM Kingston, ON – Produced by Stephanie Jowett, Bill Gillespie, Jessie Stephenson, Christopher Currie (read bio) – "Windy Radio Drama" (listen)

Current Affairs or Magazine Show
CHLY-FM Nanaimo, BC – Produced by Todd Barsby, Liz Gillis, Greg Arkos, Gara Pruesse, Stefanie Duff (read bio) – "Not rocket science" (listen)

Honourable Mentions: 
• CFRU-FM Guelph, ON – Produced by Wendy McDonnell – "Family Matters: Stay at home / Homeschooling Dads" (listen)
• CKDU-FM Halifax, NS – Produced by Sobaz Benjamin (read bio) – "Youth Now: The N word" (listen)
• CJLY-FM Nelson, BC – Produced by Claus Schunke (read bio) – "Chinese Community of Nelson as-was and how did it get here? (Chapter 13)" (listen)

CKUT-FM Montreal, QC – Produced by Kaitlin Prest (read bio) – "Adventures of a Fetish Virgin" (listen)

Honourable Mentions: 
• CFRC-FM Kingston, ON – Produced by Chris Trimmer (read bio) – "Cognitive Dissonance: Lightning in a bottle" (listen)
• CKOA-FM Glace Bay, NS – Produced by Shaun MacDonald, Brittany Mullins, Bill MacNeil (read bio) – "Celtic Connection" (listen)
• CJAM-FM Windsor, ON – Produced by Cameron Wells (read bio) – "Handi-link: Paralympic Athletics" (listen)

Music Programming
CJLY-FM Nelson, BC – Produced by Yukiko Tsutsui (read bio) – "Japanese Musiquest" (listen)

Honourable Mentions: 
• CJLY-FM Nelson, BC – Produced by Barry Boates (read bio) – "Old Time Radio" (listen)
• CHLY-FM Nanaimo, BC – Produced by Dave Teichroeb (read bio) – "Road Poets" (listen)
• CKHC-FM Toronto, ON – Produced by Shauna McCreedy (read bio) – "Unsigned" (listen #1 #2 #3)

CiTR-FM Vancouver, BC – Produced by Andrew Longhurst (read bio) – "Poverty Olympics" (listen)

Honourable Mentions: 
• CFRC-FM Kingston, ON – Produced by Christopher Currie (read bio) – "Interview with Adam Shapiro" (listen)
• CKUW-FM Winnipeg, MB – Produced by Geoffrey Young and Michael Welch (read bio) – "Water and Waste Utility Special" (listen)
• CKUT-FM Montreal, QC – Produced by David Koch (with files from Aaron Lakoff) (read bio) – "Autonomous Social Centre gets evicted" (liten)

Special Programming
CJSF-FM Burnaby, BC – Produced by Ryan Fletcher, Jay Peachy (read bio) – "Homelessness Marathon: The Artists Edition" (listen)

Honourable Mentions: 
• CKHC-FM Toronto, ON – Produced by Josh Long (read bio) – "The Holiday Show – Kwanzaa" (listen)
• CKLU-FM Sudbury, ON – Produced by Brent Holland (read bio) – "Iran on Fire" (listen)
• CKUW-FM Winnipeg, MB – Produced by Michael Welch (read bio) – "Swine flu: The Second Wave" (listen)

Syndicated Show or Podcast
CKLB-FM Yellowknife, NT – Produced by William Greenland and Kirsten Murphy (read bio) – "Ends of the Earth" (listen)

Honourable Mentions: 
• CJLY-FM Nelson, BC – Produced by Jon Steinman (read bio) – "Deconstructing Dinner" (listen)
• CKHC-FM Toronto, ON – Produced by Erin Bosenberg, Pattie Phillips (read bio) – "Now Hear This! (Episode 8)" (listen)
• CKUT-FM Montreal, QC – Produced by Blandine Juchs – "La Colombie de l’Interieur" (listen)
• CFRU-FM Guelph, ON – Produced by Trevor Darlington, Corey Schmidt (read bio) – "This is Montreal" (listen)

Third Language Programming
CFRO-FM Vancouver, BC – Produced by Mehdi Latifi (read bio) – "Radio Pazhwak – bringing progressive political analysis to the community" (Persian) (listen)

Honourable MentionCKCU-FM Ottawa, ON – Produced by Boba Borojevic (read bio) – "Monday’s Encounter: The immortal poem – Santa Maria dalla Salute" (Serbian)