Homelessness Marathon

On Wednesday, February 25 to Thursday, February 22, 2017, CFMH (Local FM ) in Saint John, New Brunswich will host the 2017 Homelessness Marathon. The yearly overnight broadcast is shared on campus and community stations from coast to coast, creating linkages and raising awareness of homelessness in Canadian communities.

The Marathon began in 1998 in Geneva, New York. On February 17, 2015, the 17th annual Homelessness Marathon will take place in Sarasota, FL. The concept moved North to Canada 13 years ago with CKUT-FM in Montreal as the host station. Last year the Marathon was hosted by CJSR-FM in Edmonton, and this year, CFRC takes the reins.

In 2014, 35 stations broadcast the Marathon. We're aiming for a similar number of broadcasters this year.

For radio stations: Contact us if you would like to broadcast all or part of the marathon!

Mike Specht at CFMH Local FM