Equity Resources

The following is a list of materials that have been produced by the NCRA/ANREC that are focused on equality, anti-oppression, and inclusion across a variety of areas.


Anti-Oppression Toolkit (PDF): This resource guide was developed by the NCRA Equity and Anti-Racism Committee in response to a resolution passed in 2012 requesting "that the NCRA gather safe space/anti-oppression resources, distill training modules, and disseminate them to the stations." The workshop and exercise outlines compiled in this toolkit come from various sources and may be used individually or in conjunction with one another. The toolkit is by no means intended as an exhaustive compendium of anti-oppression training outlines or resources. It is hoped that the outlines provided may initiate greater dialogue and discussion within our organization and member stations on the importance of anti-oppression principles to our work as broadcasters. It is the goal of this project that anti-oppression training may be more accessible to community radio staff and volunteers in our sector and that the resources presented here may be expanded and developed over time.

disAbilities Handbook (PDF): This handbook is intended to help c/c stations create open and safe spaces, adapt station set-up, training and policies to be more accessible to everyone, and get a glimpse of the work people with disabilities are already doing in the sector. Read more about it here on our site, where you can also listen to an audio version!



Women's Hands and Voices Gender Toolkit (link): This active, hands-on guide for volunteers, programmers and staff
 with a user-friendly design is aimed specifically at program presentation, such as: deciding what to air or what not to air; how to present a news story in a gender-balanced manner; how to introduce music or present news programs that are gender-equitable; and how to provide fair coverage of women's concerns and issues.



Media Works - A Labour Rights and Reporting Project Handbook (link): Media Works is a project funded by CWA Canada Associate Members, and done in collaboration with the National Campus and Community Radio Association (NCRA)and the Canadian University Press (CUP). The aim of this initiative is to inform media workers of their rights and to encourage and improve labour reporting.




Our friends at FACTOR have also put out some amazing resources available for free on their website.

They created a new resource section on our website with a goal to foster a healthy, safe, and equitable culture in the music industry!
To learn how to ensure and maintain the wellness of music artists check out their Mental Health Resources.
To learn how to build a safer space and inclusion policy check out their Safer Spaces Resources.