2011/12 Awards

The 2011/2012 Community Radio Awards ceremony was held at the 2012 National Campus and Community Radio Conference Kingston, Ontario. The conference, including the awards ceremony was hosted and organized by CFRC-FM, broadcasting from Queen's University.

The ceremony itself was at Kingston’s Upper Canada Academy for the Performing Arts, a former church hall now used for local arts events and kids puppeteering workshops, complete with tinfoil stars hanging from the ceiling. Thanks to Ayanda Mngoma from CFRC-FM for hosting, Anna Friz for a thoughtful keynote speech, and the crowd, who stomped out the drumroll for each of the 13 categories.

photo of circuit board awardPhoto: The trophies were repurposed circuit boards with the plaques made in Kingston, at the Trophy House, operating for more than 45 years and run out of an old limestone farmhouse.


CKLN-FM Community Development Award
CFMH-FM Saint John, NB (read letter)

Lifetime Achievement/Community Radio Legend: Chad Saunders from CJSW-FM Calgary, AB (read letter) (watch video)
Honourable Mentions: 
• CIVL-FM Abbotsford, BC – Chuck Anger (read letter)
• Radio Laurier, Waterloo, ON (read letter)

Local Talent DevelopmentCFRC-FM Kingston, ON – "Radio Residencies" (read letter)
Honourable mentions:
• CIWS-FM Stouffville, ON – Produced by Mike Burns and Tara Donaghey – "NITE OUT" (read letter)
• CiTR-FM Vancouver, BC – "Arts Report / Discorder" (read letter)

Volunteer of the Year: Glen Ingram from CICK-FM Smithers, BC (read letter)


Aboriginal Affairs and Culture Programming
CKUT-FM Montreal, QC – Produced by Irkar Beljaars (read bio) – "Interview with Paul Martin: Native Solidarity News" (listen)

Creative Production
CKUT-FM Montreal, QC – Produced by Louise Burns (read bio) – "Aids Wolf" (listen)

Honourable mentions:
• CJSR-FM Edmonton, AB – Produced by Mark Harrison Rodger (read bio) – "Live Music Dispatch" (listen #1 and listen #2)
• CKHA-FM Haliburton, ON – Bessie Sullivan and Cheryl Sherwood (read bio) – "County Library Promo" (listen #1 and listen #2)

Current Affairs or Magazine Show
CFRU-FM Guelph, ON – Produced by Kelly Jones (read bio) – "Pioneer Radio" (listen)

Honourable mentions:
• CKHA-FM Haliburton, ON – Produced by Greg Roe and Ron Murphy (read bio) – "Haliburton County Reads" (listen)
• CiTR-FM Vancouver, BC – Produced by Adam Janusz (read bio) – "The Arts Report" (listen)
• CJSF-FM Burnaby, BC – Produced by Lauren Mitchell and Jay Peachy (read bio) – "Sound Therapy" (listen)

CFRC-FM Kingston, ON – Produced by Veronica Blackbourn (read bio) – "Some Remain So" (listen)

Honourable mentions:
• CKDU-FM Halifax, NS – Produced by Jane Kirby and Ella Bedard (read bio)– "The Amelie: Canadian Refugee Policy and the Story of the 1987 Boat People" (listen)
• CKUT-FM Montreal, QC – Produced by Brian Meagher (read bio)– "Synthumentary" (listen)

Music Programming
CJLY-FM Nelson, BC – Produced by Mosang Miles (read bio) – "Variations on a theme" (letter)

Honourable mention: CKCU-FM Ottawa, ON – Produced by Dennis Molnar and Jewne Boom Boom (read bio)– "Fundamentally Sound" (listen)

CJSR-FM Edmonton, AB – Produced by Kathryn Lennon and Chris Yen Phillips (read bio) – "Terra Informa: Fracking, Environmental Land Protection & Car Shares" (listen)

Honourable mention: CKUT-FM Montreal, QC – Produced by Stéfanie Clermont (read bio) – "Red Square Report" (listen)

Special Programming
CKUW-FM Winnipeg, MB – Produced by Michael Welch (read bio)– "Carolling with Conviction" (listen)

Honorable mention: CKUT-FM Montreal, QC – "The Montreal Sessions" (read bio) (listen)

Syndicated Show or Podcast
CiTR-FM Vancouver, BC – Produced by Justin Ritchie and Seth Moser Katz (read bio) – "The Extraenvironmentalist" (listen)

Honourable mentions:
• CJSF-FM Burnaby, BC – Produced by Lis van Berkel and Frieda Werden (read bio) – "WINGS: Halifax Women’s Housing Co-op" (listen)
• CJSW-FM Calgary, AB – Produced by Evan Wilson (read bio) – "Am I right?" (listen)

Third Language Programming
CKCU-FM Ottawa, ON – Produced by Simon Po-Chien Lin and Camilla Shuang Liu (read bio) – "The China Album: the story of Chinatown" (listen)

Honorable mentions:
• CFRU-FM Guelph, ON – Produced by Hilda Venegas Negrete (read bio) – "It is time for women/Tiempo de mujeres" (listen)
• CFRO-FM Vancouver, BC – Produced by Yasaman Azarpajouh (read bio) – "Tutti Morimmo a Stento" (listen)