Community Radio Exchange

The NCRA Program Exchange is simple way for radio producers to share their programs with other stations and a great place for radio stations and programmers to find programming to air, whether complete programs or segments that can be incorporated into other programs.

The Exchange is searchable by topic, program type, program length, producers, series etc.

NCRA members can log in and download content for broadcast on their stations. Anyone, member or not, can browse the Program Exchange and listen on line to the programs archived there.

You can also learn a lot more at our stand-alone page, located at


Visit the NCRA Community Radio Exchange here. (Link 2)


Need some help with adding a program?  Try the help section. 

Having Errors?  Please e-mail here with the following information:
-Screenshot (If possible)
-Any instructions on the streen (Copy-paste the "error" if poissible)
-Any additional information, such as what you were trying to achieve when it happened.

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