Advertising on NCRA Stations


Why advertise with us? 

After years of deliberation, the NCRA/ANREC is happy to accept national advertising from companies and non-profit organizations looking to maximize their exposure and reach out to a specific demographic with value added. We represent over 95 stations coast to coast, a significant number being campus stations with direct access to students. Advertisers would have to comply with our advertising policies, standards, and any agreement we have with our stations. Our rates are flexible and customizable in order to meet the needs of our clients. Even though commercial radio has a broader reach, advertising with campus and community radio with specific demographics means that your message ends up not only being more effective but economical as well. Moreover, since community and campus radio is held to obligations by the CRTC to devote a small percentage of airtime to advertisements. What that means for you is cost-effective, can target certain demographics, and stands out. 

If you are interested in securing national advertisements, local advertisements for a specific region or station, or learning more about the NCRA's national advertising policy, contact us at, or by calling 613-321-1440.

You can find out Advertising Flier/Pamphlet here, and our Media Kit here for MUCH more information

Advertising doesn't work for you? How about sharing your Public Service Announceent with us to get on netwroks across the country.  Learn more here