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Station Call Letters: 
106.5 FM

1430 Victoria Ave. E.
Brandon, MB
R7A 2A9

(204) 725-8700 ext. 7042

An alternative.

That's what CJ-106 offers Assiniboine Community College and Brandon -- a campus-community radio station that gives local listeners something truly unique.

CJ-106 became a reality in May of 2003. The station was officially launched in early September of that year and has since become the community voice of ACC.

Students and community volunteers broadcast from the college’s modern studio facility, complete with production booth and interview studio. CJ-106 can be found at 106.5 on the FM dial, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In addition to sports call-in shows, documentaries, and local multi-cultural shows; alternative rock, heavy metal, punk, Christian, and world music can all be found on the airwaves of CJ-106. It’s a radio station that represents the diversity and excitement of ACC and Brandon with a focus on promoting local talent.