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Station Call Letters: 
101.9 FM

P.O. Box 3035
University of Victoria
Victoria, BC
V8W 3P3

(250) 721-8607
Victoria's Campus and Community Station

The precursor to CFUV was formed in 1965 and broadcast to two student residences and
the Student Union Building. After leaving the air in 1970, the campus radio was
resurrected in 1981 when the University of Victoria Campus Radio Club was formed. On
December 17, 1984, CFUV became Victoria's second FM radio station, broadcasting at a
mere 49.4 watts on 105.1 FM.

In 1987 CFUV began working toward increasing its transmission power to over 2000
watts. After a successful student referendum and application process with the CRTC
approval was granted in September 1988, and in January 1989 CFUV began broadcasting
on 101.9 FM at 2290 watts.