Luke Smith, Director of Learning and Development


Luke Smith moved from the UK to Canada in 2006 and has been in Ottawa since 2009. Luke has been working at the NCRA/ANREC since February 2015. Currently is working on our training and development strategy and services.  Luke had previously worked for the Ottawa Police Service for just shy of 4 years, as the GLBT Liaison Committee Coordinator. 

Luke’s work has included being the Director of Digital Communications for the student union at Carleton a. Working with OPS has also brought him to a leadership role in setting up the Ottawa Men’s Refuge, a charity working to create a refuge for male victims of domestic abuse.

Luke’s main volunteer work has been in the media; he has been the manager editor and a producer of the show Canada's most syndicated LGBT talk show 'CanQueer', which is syndicated on over 20 stations across Canada, it was originally called ‘The Velvet Studio’ and has covered a wide range of GLBT issues. In 2015 Rogers 22 aired the show ‘Let’s Talk CanQueer’ a 5 part series created and hosted by Luke that covers topics such as HIV criminalization and gender independent youth.